Reflection Music is a music production company located in Stockholm, Sweden. Our studio complex holds everything from a full fledged recording studio to writing and production rooms, and our team has placed songs for major artists and labels all over the world. Scroll down to learn more.


Our facility currently hold one large mixing studio with adjacent live room, one smaller production studio with dual recording & editing suites and two production/writing rooms with a shared vocal booth. The complex also provides a large central lounge area with a TV and video games.

Studio A

Our main recording and mix studio is designed and purpose-built from the ground up in collaboration with Ingvar Öhman - head of industry-acclaimed INO AUDIO/GURU AUDIO. It offers world class acoustics, a creative and relaxing atmosphere and high-end equipment. The entire recording, mixing & monitoring setup can be easily accessed via Thunderbolt 3.  Click here for a complete equipment list.

The 30 sq control room is fitted with a custom hand-built monitoring system (also INO AUDIO) which results in a what we believe to be one of the finest listening spaces in the country.

The 20 sq. live-end/dead-end recording room holds even the largest drum kits and provides an opportunity for realistic stereo recordings aside from the standard vocal booth sound.

Studio A is the home of our production and writing team, but is also available for booking on a day-to-day basis.

Studio B

Our 15 sq. production studio comes with two adjacent acoustically treated booths, which can be used for either editing or recording. Studio B is sub-leased on a month to month basis - contact us if you are interested.


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Studio C & D

Our 10 sq. production & writing rooms comes acoustically treated and nicely furnished and are ideal for a production team or writing sessions.. Both rooms share a vocal booth for recording. Studio C and D is sub-leased on a month to month basis - contact us if you are interested.

Studio E

Our new self-contained production studio is 16 sq. and almost like a small apartment with it's own fridge, microwave and WC. Acoustically treated with a separate vocal both behind a glass door. Studio E is sub-leased on a month to month basis -

contact us if you are interested.



For custom requests or pricing not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Studio time

Studio A is available on a day-to-day basis, and a technician will help you set everything up. If you need a recording technician on site after setup, contact us for pricing and availability. Click here for a complete equipment list.

3000 SEK + VAT /day


Our experienced mix engineers will take your track to its full potential. Prices include one revision. 

0-30 tracks

30-60 tracks

60+ tracks

3000 SEK + VAT

5000 SEK + VAT

Hourly rate (contact us)


Get your tracks ready for CD or digital distribution. We deliver masters in CD image/DDP or ready-to-go digital WAV-files. Upload your tracks using our DropBox.

350 SEK / track + VAT

Songwriting & production

Our team can help you create songs from scratch, or produce them to their fullest potential. 



The songs in this gallery are all produced and mixed by us. Contact us if you want examples in other genres.



The best way to contact us is to use the form below to send us an e-mail. You can also call us on (+46) 8 274060. 

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You are always welcome to visit us at the studio, but be sure to make an appointment first. Find us at the following location.